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15 Fast Facts About Botox

15 Fast Facts About Botox

Thinking of getting a Botox injection? Here are some fast facts that can give you an insight about pain, possible side effects, and benefits of the drug.

  1. With its ability to reduce muscular contractions temporarily, Botox is quite effective in getting rid of wrinkles. The drug freezes muscles and can minimize crow’s feet.
  2. The treatment can last for two to three months or even up to six months for some patients.
  3. Tiny needles are used in Botox injections and they generally don’t cause any pain except for a brief pin prick.
  4. Bruising doesn’t happen if it is injected properly.
  5. Botox is not only used for wrinkles, it also treats post-stroke spasticity, spasms of the head and neck, and the like.
  6. It smoothens wrinkles around 72 hours after the treatment.
  7. It treats excessive sweating.
  8. It is being evaluated as a chronic pain medication. In fact, some men with prostate problems can get relief from Botox.
  9. It is very safe.
  10. Botox sales have gone up because many people forgo surgery and instead use Botox for wrinkle treatment..
  11. Botox was discovered through a food poisoning incident in 1820s Germany.
  12. According to the Journal of Psychiatric Research, Botox can help with depression.
  13. Botox got FDA approval in 2013 as a treatment for migraines.
  14. One of Botox’s first uses was to correct crossed eyes.
  15. This drug is also used as a treatment for individuals who have an overactive bladder.


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