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October 3, 2017 | AzureMedSpa

Should You Get Botox for Deep Acne Scars?

Should we all start jumping for joy? Maybe we should. Breakouts can be a nightmare and having acne scars can…

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October 5, 2017 | AzureMedSpa

What Kind of Facial Should You Choose?

When faced with choosing the right facial, most of us would usually just pick from a menu provided by our…

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October 6, 2017 | AzureMedSpa

Why You Should Be Thankful for Your Oily Skin

Oily skin can be frustrating to handle. Having to wipe the oil off your face every few hours or having…

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October 9, 2017 | AzureMedSpa

Should You Give Microdermabrasion a Try?

What is microdermabrasion and should you give the procedure a try? Microdermabrasion involves tiny exfoliating crystals that are applied to…

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