Botox Duration Shortens With Sun Exposure

Have you ever noticed the lines you treat with Botox coming back earlier than usual? It may not be the quality of the Botox or the person administrating the injections, in fact, it may be something you do to yourself every day. New evidence has shown that exposure to ultraviolet light, i.e. sunlight, can cause an increase in the metabolism of Botox, meaning its effects don’t last as long. Just as U.V. light breaks down the collagen in our skin that lead to lines and wrinkles in the first place, it has the same effect on Botox, causing its lifespan to shorten and sending us back to the med spa for a touch-up sooner than we expected.

As if you needed another reason to wear sunscreen every day, a shorten Botox duration is it. Many of us spend thousands of dollars a year on Botox, and anything that can extend the time that Botox is effective, or prevent it from being shortened, is money well spent. Everyday sunscreen use, rain or shine, with an SPF 30 or higher is a must for people who want to get the most out of their Botox injections. Fortunately, sunscreen has come a long way and now there are excellent options for any skin type that not only protect the skin from U.V. rays, but also treat and nourish it as well.

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