Fiszz Facial

FiSZZ Champagne FacialDesigned to smooth, brighten and purify your skin through a journey of fantastic sensations, the FiSZZ Facial from Innovative Skincare delivers the most comprehensive exfoliating skin treatment currently available. This four-part approach to total skin care uses a blend of aromatic cleansers to resurface, purify and revitalize your complexion.

The Champagne Facial originated at the Four Seasons Spa in Los Angeles, but its enormous popularity caused aesthetic clinics and med spas across the country to adopt it into their catalogs of services. Here at Azure Med Spa, our aestheticians, including our medical director, Dr. White, have all experienced this fabulous new treatment and can verify that it is just as effective as it is enjoyable. Through four different treatments, each providing your skin with a unique type of cleanse, the FiSZZ Champagne Facial returns a youthful glow to your skin that will last for long after you’ve left our clinic. Here are the four ways that the Champagne Facial treats your face:

The FiSZZ Facial

  • Warming Honey Cleanser: The rejuvenating effects of honey on our skin have been understood for centuries. Honey has the potential to moisturize, scavenge for free radicals, and can have antimicrobial effects, making it a perfect way to begin this skin program. The cleanser uses a mildly abrasive blend of honey and papaya enzymes to gently scrub dead skin and other debris from the skin’s surface without breaching its natural ceramide barrier. The skin is left refreshed from the cleanse, and the patient is relaxed from the soft aromas of natural honey and papaya.
  • Clarifying Mud Masque: Now that the most superficial layers of skin have been cleared of dirt and oil, the Clarifying Mud Masque extracts debris that has worked its way into the pores, and resides beneath the skin’s surface. This organic blend of Northern Atlantic algae helps fortify the humectant qualities of radiant skin, brightens complexion and promotes metabolic wellness in the skin cells. The added fragrances of citrus and rosemary make for a stimulating sensory experience while your skin is being totally purified.
  • FiSZZ Facial System: The FiSZZ Facial System replicates the sensation of having your face tickled by the soft bubbles of champagne. This patented citric acid masque simultaneously exfoliates and resurfaces the skin while the patient is treated to a unique sensory experience that isn’t offered by any other facial treatment.
  • Copper Firming Mist: This firming mist combines organic and inorganic compounds to help the body synthesize collagen and promote overall wellness in the skin. The copper component helps the body stimulate natural collagen production, which is responsible for helping your skin maintain elasticity and a youthful appearance; the botanical mist contains emollients that help the skin retain moisture, and complete the champagne facial’s final stage in complete facial revitalization.

Let the Fiszz Facial rejuvenate your skin!

The FiSZZ Champagne FacialWe are excited to bring this west-coast wonder treatment to our valued clients here in the Frisco area. Visit our aesthetic specialty clinic today to learn more about The Champagne Fiszz Facial, and the rest of our fantastic services aimed at keeping your skin healthy and beautiful!

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