Changing The Face Of Frisco With Radiesse

Woman getting an injectionBotox tends to get recognized as the flagship cosmetic injectable, and reasonably so: in 2011 over 2.6 million Botox procedures were performed making it the number one cosmetic procedure in the country, period. However, the treatment can sometimes overshadow other great procedures that offer equally effective solutions for different aging concerns; for instance, our skin loses the youthful fullness that it once had as wrinkles start to creep across our faces and time begins to emaciate our cheek areas. While Botox is a great way to fix unsightly lines in the brow area, it does little to improve these other regions that can be problematic.

In order to provide a more well-rounded approach to injectable skin improvement, we at Azure Med Spa have found that Radiesse is an effective way to reverse the deteriorating appearance created by wrinkles and gaunt cheekbones. Instead of temporarily paralyzing the region, as with Botox, Radiesse actually supports the skin through the deposit of what is called a calcium hydroxylapitite filler (CaHA). The temporary filler deposits a solution of microspheres and gel under the surface of your skin, improving the volume that your skin has lost over the years. 
Like many injectable treatments and unlike surgery, Radiesse offers a quick, minimally invasive solution to the decades of aging that your skin has seen. Patients only spend a few minutes in the doctor’s office (treatment usually lasts about 30 minutes) and can leave immediately with no suggested down time after the procedure. As the minor swelling subsides within the first day of treatment, patients can expect to see their skin continue to improve in the weeks following the procedure, and oftentimes for over a year afterward.

There has been extensive research on Radiesse treatments, all of which indicates that not only is the treatment safe for cosmetic use (it’s an FDA approved procedure), but that it can actually stimulate your body’s natural collagen production after the CaHA has been deposited. Collagen is responsible for the healthy, elastic look of human skin, but your body generates less and less collagen as you age. Radiesse, however, can assist in revitalizing your body’s creation of collagen to renew your skin with a fuller, healthier appearance that uses natural processes to maintain your new look. Once the body begins to create more collagen, subsequent injections down the road can easily allow your skin to maintain its firmness for an extended period of time.

Calcium hydroxylapitite fillers are introducing a new type of flexibility to the world of injectable procedures: skin around the nostrils and mouth can be supported to eliminate wrinkles, and Radiesse has even been used as an alternative to minor rhinoplastic surgery to help augment the bridge of the nose. The manifold uses of Radiesse are enabling physicians like the ones here at Azure to provide patients with a new catalog of small anti-aging adjustments that yield noticeable results.

Radiesse has changed the faces of Frisco patients and patients all over the country. If you are interested in how it can improve your profile be sure to consult an experienced physician who is fluent in the practice of this procedure. Medical procedures of any kind need to be handled with care and expertise, and the possibility for injury or adverse effects increases if you neglect to thoroughly consider the credentials of your facility. I personally administer all Radiesse injections to Azure Med Spa patients, so rest assured that your treatment is being handled by a certified professional in aesthetic medicine. Contact us at 972.294.6992 if you would like to know more about Radiesse, or any of the other revitalizing treatments that we offer at our Frisco location.

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