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Enlighten® Peel


Revepeel Enlighten® is the next generation Depigmentation system for pigmentation and melasma, especially suitable for ethnic skin or any dark skin types who tend to have the risks of Post Inflammatory Pigmentation from other skin resurfacing procedures. The treatment includes in office mask application and touch-up accompanied by home care products. ongoing visible flaking with full results in 4 to 8 weeks. Painless!

This picture shows initial results in 2 weeks before touch up. The area of dark spots will be further improved in the next 2 to 4 weeks.


Enlighten Peel is a peel was formulated by ReveSkin. This is the peel the help suppress pigment production and exfoliate the skin. Enlighten Peel is truly the gold standard for melasma patients because it’s a chronic condition. Enlighten Peel’s two main ingredients are hydroquinone and retinol. Hydroquinone is a pigment suppressor because it blocks an enzyme called tyrosinase which is the main reason for skin pigmentation. It suppresses the melanocytes, pigment production, and at the same time with Retinol it increases the cellular turnover. As it pushes down the pigment production and increases the cellular turnover everything starts to even out. It brightens the skin, reduces the cause of the pigmentation and makes everybody’s skin tone brighter and more even. The peel is applied in-office and is recommended to keep it 8-10 hours. It can be used in any parts of the body, and can also be applied to surgical scars and some areas of pigmentation due to cell damage.

Enlighten Peel

Our skin care experts will send you home with a very strict skin care regiment. We give you a daily dose of Hydroquinone and Retinol to keep the peel advancing. Enlighten peel is especially good for darker skin tones. Traditionally, chemical peels and lasers can actually more pigment for people. But since we are suppressing the pigment production and we are shutting off the melanocytes. Enlighten Peel is very safe for even the darkest Fitzpatrick’s. The peel is two weeks of light redness and shedding similar to a sunburn. You can plan accordingly not to have big events during the process because the skin will not look at it’s best.

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