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Frisco Weight Loss

By: Dr. Kathryn White

Obesity is a major health concern and has now surpassed smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. Two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese making our country the most overweight nation in the world! Studies have shown that only a 10% loss of weight can be beneficial to your health. We must recognize obesity as a chronic disease and treat it accordingly.

Azure Med Spa is proud to offer a physician-supervised weight loss program customized to your needs. We start with a Body Composition Analysis to determine your metabolic requirements and determine which plan would allow you to be the most successful. We follow your metabolic requirements as you lose weight to ensure that your weight loss is healthy and from the proper component so you are not breaking down muscle mass. Accountability is important and you will have regularly scheduled visits to follow your progress and assist you in maintaining your goals.

Quick Results and Long Term Weight Loss

We also incorporate behavioral counseling and modification to ensure your long-term success. Who hasn't lost the same 10-15 pounds several times over? We need to break this cycle for you to be successful and achieve long-term weight loss.

Exercise is an important component of long-term weight loss and success. We partner with several facilities to offer you different types of exercise so that you can find what works best for you and what you enjoy.

FDA Approved Weight Loss

We offer appetite suppressants when necessary and appropriate. We also offer B12 injections (including lipo B12).

“I have personally lost 46 pounds on this program and am a testament to its effectiveness. I have more energy, sleep better, have improved self-esteem, and feel better in general.”

– Dr Kathryn White

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