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Get Ready for Swimsuit Season with SculpSure

Get Ready for Swimsuit Season with SculpSure

Swimsuit. A word that strikes fear in almost every woman. It immediately conjures up memories of standing in drab dressing rooms with fluorescent lights, staring at everything we’ve tried to change about our body. Some areas just don’t respond to diet and exercise, and bathing suits put those parts on display. Every bump or roll seems to jump out at us and we find ourselves dreading what should be a fun, carefree time of year!Get Ready for Swimsuit Season with SculpSure

There’s no reason to go into swimsuit season feeling less than confident. Consider the benefits of our non-invasive fat removal procedure called SculpSure. SculpSure is a cutting-edge technique that uses lasers to wipe out targeted fat cells. As the laser heats up the layer of fat just under your skin, those fat cells destabilize and break down. For the next three months following your session, those destabilized fat cells are carried away by your body’s lymphatic system. The result is a sleeker, more swimsuit-ready body!

The best news is that unlike diet and exercise, which can shrink fat cells but leave the cells behind to regenerate or refill in the future, the fat cells eradicated by your SculpSure treatment can’t return. Non-surgical fat reduction is a moderate, but effective method to get ready for time at the pool or beach!

If you are concerned about pain or spending tedious hours in a doctor’s office, don’t be. A Sculpsure session lasts just 25 minutes, and you’re free to use that time to relax! You can read, answer emails or text, listen to music, or catch up on social media. You might even take a nap! There is no downtime after SculpSure. You won’t need to use a sick day or avoid social plans. You’ll be able to resume your usual schedule, including workouts. You’ll see results in as little as six weeks, with optimal results emerging around the 12-week mark.

Get ready for an enjoyable summer this year! Give us a call to learn more about how SculpSure can reduce fat in your problem areas. 972-294-6992

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