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Great New Chemical Peel

Great New Chemical Peel

Have you wanted to turn back the clock on your aging skin, but you just don’t do needles? Or lasers? Or…pain? Then you’ve probably heard that a chemical peel is a great alternative treatment to freshen up your appearance, from reducing fine lines to clearing up acne scars. But which peel to choose? There are glycolic peels, lactic peels, beta peels, and more! The various peels use different acids to achieve the desired results customized by the client. For example, glycolic acid peels are great for anti-aging, while citric acid, lactic acid, and salicyclic acid are good for skin discolorations. We looked for the best peel to treat a wide range of conditions, anti-aging AND skin discolorations, and according to Allure Beauty magazine, that peel is RevePeel.

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Step 2 Revpeel Forte - Great New Chemical Peel

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RevePeel is a modern chemical peel used to treat a multitude of skin imperfections such as hyperpigmentation, stubborn melasma, fine lines, acne scars, and age spots. It can significantly firm the skin and reduce the appearance of pore size for an overall more youthful look. All those results without a painful procedure!

So how does it work?

RevePeel is a medium-depth peel that contains salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid, lactic acid, phenol and croton oil. The unique formulation of ingredients allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin without causing the irritation usually associated with deeper peels. The croton oil acts as a balance to the otherwise irritating acids, and the slow penetration of this peel is both effective and comfortable.

The ingredients in the Revepeel stimulate skin cell turn over and collagen production, which leaves the treated area looking plumper and more radiant. After the peeling process is complete, the client can expect to see less pigmentation and tighter, more youthful-looking skin. In patients with acne, the result from the peel is a much clearer complexion.

When followed up with consistent use of skin care products such as Retin – A, the results of the chemical peel can be extended further. This is because collagen production and skin cell turnover are accelerated with the use of external agents, such as retinol. Because collagen production slows down as we age, sustaining a high turnover can make a difference in the appearance of aging, while increased cellular turnover improves skin clarity from conditions like acne.

What can I expect from the process?

This chemical peel can be performed in a 30 minute office visit. First, we will prep your skin by removing makeup residue, dirt, bacteria and excess oil. Then we evenly apply the RevePeel solution to your skin. After the first layer, we apply an additional coat, spot touching areas that can use extra reinforcement, like acne scars or “smoker’s” lines.  Once it is absorbed, we go over your post-care instructions and send you home with an included regimen of products to help heal and further the benefits of the RevePeel.

You can expect about 7 days for the process to be complete. Some clients want to have a follow-up treatment, but most achieve their desired results in 1 treatment.

The amount of peeling you should expect will be different from person to person depending on many factors including your skin type and if any pretreatment has been completed. Side effects are minimal, but may include, redness, itching, mild irritation, and inflammation. These side effects are normal and indicate the solution has penetrated.

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