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How Do Hyaluronic Fillers Like Juvederm Work?

How Do Hyaluronic Fillers Like Juvederm Work?

Juvederm, a brand of Hyaluronic filler, is used as a cushion for tissues that already lost volume due to aging. The substance, when injected, also acts as a support for facial structures and also helps transfer water to the skin to keep it from looking dry or old.

Men and women looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on their faces can opt for this type of dermal filler. It is one of the best options because Hyaluronic fillers, in general,  are safe and naturally-occurring. The substance can be found in every living thing. In humans, for example, this particular substance helps in transferring essential nutrients coming from the bloodstream into the skin.

High concentrations of this acid are found in the fluid surrounding the eyes. It is also found in soft connective tissues. It is present in skin tissue as well as in cartilage and joint fluids. Because of its very important role, Hyaluronic acid is often given to individuals with arthritis as a means to reduce the pain and provide extra cushion for aching joints. The acid is never derived from animal sources.

Today, hyaluronic acid is used in wound repair, rheumatology, ophthalmology, and face augmentation.

Juvederm is also used as a liquid face lift to make sagging skin look younger. It is also chosen by many dermatologists to remove acne scars, for lifting the cheeks, for plumper lips, and changing the shape of the nose.

Individuals with lipodystrophy, a medical condition that involves fat loss on the face, are also injected with the substance.

Does it hurt? A Derma Filler Injection can be painful but there are ways to minimize the pain. Some Juvederm products include a local anaesthetic which makes it one of the best hyaluronic fillers around. Not every patient is the same though and the pain can increase depending on which part is being injected and how much of the substance is being used.

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