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How to Win The Battle Against Aging

How to Win The Battle Against Aging

The battle against aging is often something that most of us are prepared to lose but while it is normal to grow old, for the skin to sag, and for hair to turn grey, it doesn’t mean that it’s prohibited to take care of ourselves during this process.

There are many ways for us to turn back the hands of time and some offer impressive results. Science has made it possible to delay the signs of aging thanks to fillers and other aesthetic treatments.
With Belotero, for example, you can say hello to youthful skin. The filler makes facial skin look smoother, firmer, and plumper and often used to fill in severe wrinkles or folds near the nose and the corner of the mouth. If you are interested in getting a Belotero injection, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Aside from Belotero, there are other treatments that can help you win the fight against aging. Botox is one of them.

Being one of the most popular procedures that treat sagging and wrinkly skin, Botox generally lasts for two to three months. Doctors advise that it should be followed by maintenance treatments every few months.

Although Belotero and Botox are not a permanent answer to getting rid of wrinkles, they are among the safest treatments around. A study done in 2014 suggests that Botox, other facial fillers, and laser skin treatments are very safe. According to Live Science, although said treatments can cause minor side effects, it only occurs in 1% of cases.

For those looking for other treatments, Juvederm is also a good option. Juvederm is a wise choice because most patients who use it only need one dosage and enjoy its results for as long as a year! The brand has fine-tuned its products and is now available in three types – Ultra, Ultra Plus, and Voluma.

Juvederm Ultra is great for mild to moderate wrinkles and scars. A fine alternative for superficial applications such as lip enhancements, Ultra has a thinner consistency and a lot smoother than other Juvederm products. Ultra Plus, on the other hand, is a good option for those who would like to temporarily get rid of deeper wrinkles while Voluma is recommended for filling the cheeks and the midface.

If you would like to have younger-looking skin, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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