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Is Body Contouring the Next Step for You?

Is Body Contouring the Next Step for You?

With surgical measures for weight loss being rather popular now, it is no longer uncommon for individuals to lose up to 100 pounds or even more.  Whether you underwent bariatric surgery or lost weight through diet and exercise, it is very likely that saggy excess skin has replaced the fat you lost.

Skin is elastic but people who have struggled with obesity for much of their adult life know that the skin is not elastic enough. Looking at layers of saggy excess skin can be disheartening and it can affect a person’s self-esteem. The good news is, a medical subspecialty addresses this problem and it is referred to as body contouring.

Body contouring is defined as the umbrella term for all procedures that reshape a person’s body into a more aesthetically pleasing one. Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that in 2005, over 60,000 people underwent body contouring procedures after losing a lot of weight. While it is not a good idea to be influenced by statistics alone, this goes to show how mainstream these procedures are.

What makes body contouring different from other types of surgical procedures though? Experts say it’s all about the amount of skin that is removed in such a procedure. The fact that body contouring covers all areas of the body makes it the perfect choice for individuals who want their skin tightened.

Consulting with a doctor is a good idea if you are considering body contouring. You can talk to us about it and we will answer your questions regarding the procedure you have chosen. Azure Med Spa offers the following body contouring procedures:

  • Zerona

Zerona is a low-level laser treatment that targets fat cells. The session lasts 40 minutes for every session (you will need 6-12 sessions) and a great choice for those who want to target fat on their hips, waist, and thighs. Read more here.

  • SculpSure Body Contouring

If you have stubborn fat that just won’t go away even after losing a lot of weight, SculpSure is a good choice. This non-invasive laser treatment reduces fat on the abdomen and flanks specifically those that just won’t budge.

The procedure is rather short. The session only lasts 25 minutes and has no downtime. Venus Legacy Skin Tightening

Venus Legacy is perfect for those who want to tighten their skin. It also reduces cellulite and circumferential fat. Read more here.

  • PelleFirm

PelleFirm is a non-invasive procedure that targets cellulite.

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