Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in Frisco, TX

smooth legs from laser hair removalLaser hair reduction is a fast and non-invasive method to permanently reduce hair. The laser targets melanin in the hair follicle so the hair must have some color for the laser to be effective. The only hair follicles that are affected are those in the active growth cycle. Several sessions are therefore necessary to treat all hair follicles. The hair may initially appear to grow as it falls out.

Laser Hair Reduction is Safe!

Laser hair reduction is very common and is a quick and safe procedure. Large areas can be treated in one sitting, making this much faster than electrolysis. There are many lasers which are FDA-approved for hair removal and our laser is able to treat all skin types safely. We have a cooling system which makes this treatment more comfortable, but topical numbing cream may be applied if necessary.

There may be some mild stinging and swelling immediately following treatment. These symptoms are temporary and will generally resolve within several hours. There may also be some pigment changes and rarely, blisters may form.  It is important that there be no sun exposure before and after treatments. It is also recommended that sunscreen be worn to minimize any complications from sun exposure. We require a test patch be performed prior to any treatment for your safety.

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