Free Weight Loss Tips

Congratulations! The First Step is the Hardest!

The following weight loss tips will start you on the right track to weight loss freedom. All suggestions are proven effective by medical professionals.

Control your thoughts

Take the word “can’t” out of the equation. Throw away irrational thoughts and trade them for: “I can create the life I’ve always wanted.” Dr. Robert Neff (expert in sports psychology and weight management) suggests taking the following actions to contribute to higher confidence.

Journal achievements and compliments

Visualize positive outcomes

Use positive body language and facial expressions. Smile!

Choosing to use positive and optimistic self-talk

Develop idea habits

Reduce anxiety (since that’s the opposite of confidence)

Never turn off your alarm clock

Create consistency in a routine. Eventually, your routine becomes second-nature and occurs without having to make a conscious decision. Dr. Neff suggests the following proven weight loss routine:

Prepare breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks the night before

Exercise first thing in the morning prior to breakfast

Carry food and water with you to work

Set reminder alarms on your phone

Rest in the evenings

You are a product of your environment

Throughout the day, pay attention to key places that could set back your weight loss goals. Start with the obvious: your house, car, and work. Dr. Shemek describes three potential environmental setbacks and easy solutions for each:

Dispose of food that does not serve you in your weight management or optimal weight loss goals. Look through your house, work, and all other hiding places we’d never admit to. Get rid of all sugars! Excess sugars end up on places we’d rather them not be: the buttocks, breasts, and thighs. Replace sugars with complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fats.

Have smaller portions. Make your portions appear larger by using smaller bowls, plates, and cups. Leave the table as soon as you’re done eating. Under no circumstance eat while in front of the TV. Either move to a different room or remove the television.

Create a diversion from mental cravings. Figure out what negative impulse triggered the craving and do anything to divert your attention: walk your dog, go for a swim, play with your kids, read a book, review this article!

As you know, habits are hard to break. These easy tips will start you off in the right direction and lead you to a new state of mind. Changing your mental state, establishing consistency, and analyzing your environment can all change your mental relationship with weight loss. Read testimonials on how medical weight loss worked for others.

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