Medical Weight Loss Testimonials

The Program was just what I needed!

I started the program with every expectation of losing weight however I really wanted to stop the slippery slope I was on. Each time I weighed myself and I was one or two pounds more I told myself no big deal and I would get to it when life slowed down. The program was just what I needed to take control of weight. It is simple and very convenient for my ‘on the go’ family lifestyle. The plan was easy to follow and didn’t make any extra work for me, no math involved or cooking separate meals. Dr. White and the entire staff are very supportive and your given all the encouragement you need to be successful and reach your goal. Even though my life hasn’t slowed down, with Medical Weight Loss, I reached my goal and have been able to maintain it for several months.

Amy, 36.5 lbs

Lost more weight at a Faster Pace!

After having two children and approaching 40, I found myself at the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I had tried several of the pre-packaged diet plans you can buy at the grocery store buy none of them prved successful-I seemed to always be hungry, fatigued, etc. Dr. White with theCenter for Medical Weight Loss did a wonderful job introducing the program and explaining each component. Her and her staff are always warm and friendly. I have lost more wieght at a faster pace than I ever expected and it has taught me a lot about my body and how to maintain it.

-Teresa L., 32 lbs

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