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MonaLisa Touch and Vaginal Aging

MonaLisa Touch and Vaginal Aging

As we age, other parts of our body age, too. For women, this includes vaginal aging. While this is an issue that is rarely discussed, it is important to shed some light on it and the changes and health conditions that it brings.

Vaginal aging is normal, but research tells us that over 20% of women suffering from problems in this area never talk about their symptoms. Because of this reluctance to delve into the topic, many don’t get the treatment they need. However, women must remember that they don’t have to suffer in silence because there is something we can do about it.

Vaginal Changes 

Like the hair on our heads, hair on the vagina become thinner and may even grow some grey strands as we age. Other changes occur too and this includes losing fat on the mons pubis or getting excessive amounts of fat in the area. The labia minora, on the other hand, can look wrinkled or even saggy.

Vaginal dryness is also another common condition, but you don’t have to live with it. Vaginal dryness, also referred to as vaginal atrophy, causes irritation that can affect urination and sexual intercourse. Other women also experience vaginal laxity – a frustrating problem for those who could no longer feel the ‘tightness’ that they used to have.

The MonaLisa Touch 

Vaginal conditions caused by aging are common and almost expected for older women. The good news is every condition can be treated.

MonaLisa Touch, a clinically proven treatment,  is a laser procedure that addresses vaginal dryness and painful symptoms of menopause. Described as a life-changing procedure, the MonaLisa Touch revitalizes the vaginal tissue to make your vagina look and feel younger. It delivers gentle carbon dioxide laser energy into the tissue wall to stimulate collagen production and as a result initiates a healing response.  Collagen helps revitalize cells in general and it is essential for vaginal health.

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