RevePeel In Frisco, TX at Azure MedSpa


Say NO to hyperpigmentation, melasma, fine lines, acne scars, and age spots with Revepeel®. It is safe, potent, and contemporary. With its effective medium-depth chemical peel, Revepeel® reveals a glowing youthful skin with just one treatment. Revepeel has revolutionized the chemical peeling technology by providing the patients a more intensive treatment to help improve the skin quality and texture without adding additional time to the client’s recovery process. Reveal the younger you with Revepeel®.


The Revepeel peeling treatment works to repair the skin at a cellular level with its before and after peel treatment. Revepeel® is effective and significantly reduces hyperpigmentation, melasma, age spots, and other skin damages. Revepeel also significantly clears up acne scars and prevents acne formation. Finally, Revepeel® helps diminish the fine lines and wrinkles, firm skin, and minimize pores to give you a younger complexion.

RevePeel 7 Day Journey

The RevePeel Process

It starts with a consultation wherein the client sits down with our knowledgeable and expert personnel to examine the skin and discuss the goals of the peeling procedures. To make sure that our clients have a better understanding of the procedure, our expert personnel educates them to achieve a successful and comfortable process. We have a customized treatment plan specifically made to our clients' needs.

Our treatment sessions last up to 20 minutes, t which point you can return to your normal daily activities. Over the course of the next few days, your top layer of dead skin will begin to peel off, leaving new, healthy skin that is smooth and radiant.

Let our qualified, personnel help you remove those skin blemishes. Contact our office right away to schedule your RevePeel consultation.