What kind of results can I expect after a SculpSure treatment?

    Immediately following a SculpSure treatment, you can return to normal activities and may experience slight swelling and firmness to the treated areas which will go away within a few days. Most patients begin to see fat loss results within 6 weeks, and by 12 weeks the full reduction results should be achieved. Because the fat loss is gradual, it will appear to be a natural loss of weight, and no one has to know you had any “help”.

    On average, patients have a 24% reduction in fat loss in the targeted areas with one treatment. With two, 30% to 40% reduction in the targeted area can be achieved. Some patients opt to have additional treatments to further their results. Dr. White will recommend a treatment plan for you specific to your goals.


    Covid 19

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    • You or someone in your household are feeling ill or have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the past 3 weeks.
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