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Should You Get Botox for Deep Acne Scars?

Should You Get Botox for Deep Acne Scars?

Should we all start jumping for joy? Maybe we should.

Breakouts can be a nightmare and having acne scars can be frustrating. Getting rid of them is frustrating, too. There is good news, though! A study has found that Botox can help get rid of acne-related blemishes and can even reduce the possibility of getting those ugly acne scars.

Researchers found that a Botox treatment coupled with a dermal filler treatment can stop pockmarks from getting bigger. This combination can make scarred skin look smoother and of course, look way better than before. It must be noted that Botox is already being used by surgeons to prevent excessive production of sebum in skin pores which means that the toxin treatment is not only an amazing solution for acne scarring, but a great way to prevent them too. This is an amazing development for those who have suffered from pockmarks for years and a welcome prevention for those who are dealing with an acne breakout right now.

How does Botox do it?

Botox stops muscles from pulling on acne scars and with the tension eased, the scarred area becomes less visible. Since the toxin cannot fill the scar, a good quality dermal filler needs to be used. This combination is heaven sent and a must try if you have been struggling to get rid of acne scarring for years.

The depth and size of pitted acne scars happen because of several factors. Experts say these factors include collagen loss and muscle strain. Collagen loss must be given some attention here because even with Botox, acne scars are still very visible as mentioned above.

We lose collagen as we age that’s why it is always a great idea to either get collagen or hyaluronic acid fillers.

Warning: while the botox and dermal filler combo treatment is a good idea, it can only last for a few months. The scars can reappear as the treatments wear off. Don’t worry, though because you can get additional treatments until scientists discover a way to make these effects permanent!

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