photo: NuFaceNuFace is the first and only hand held device that is FDA approved for facial toning and stimulation through microcurrent technology. It is the safest and most effective at-home toning device. Microcurrent technology is a revolutionary anti-aging technology that is preferred by some of the leading spas and medical offices in the US. The toning and firming results that microcurrent technology delivers to aging skin can be so dramatic that these treatments have been nicknamed “non-surgical face lifts”.

First time users may be a bit intimidated by such new technology, but unlike other devices, NuFace is incredibly gentle, and is so safe that it can be used every day to improve the appearance of your face. Through gentle electrical stimulation, NuFace increases collagen, elastin, circulation, and even ATP to give you firm, lifted skin and facial muscles. This revolutionary technique delivers a micro-impulse to your muscles to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and give you firmer skin, lifted brows, and a more defined jaw line and cheekbones. NuFace also helps lift and tighten the skin around the eyes and mouth, giving you a more open eye and brighter smile by eliminating jowls and “laugh lines”.

After using NuFace for the very first time, many users see immediate results, however, benefits of NuFace are cumulative. Using NuFace regularly over an extended period of time will create lasting corrective and preventative effects that will make you look and feel noticeably younger.

NuFace is incredibly easy to use. In just three little steps, you’ll be on the road to radiant skin. Simply prep your skin by evenly applying Conductivity Gel, glide the NuFace probes over your face, and remove the Conductivity Gel and spray your face with Optimizing Mist. You can even target problem areas by holding the probes stationary for up to five seconds. Your face may feel a slight soothing sensation that will leave your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

The NuFace device is recommended by dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and aestheticians across the country as the most effective at-home treatment, whether you are using it on its own or to enhance professional treatments or procedures. NuFace is the safest and most successful do it yourself way to take years off of your face in a portable, affordable, and practical way.

NuFace is available in Frisco at Azure Med Spa, call today for information.

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