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What Kind of Facial Should You Choose?

What Kind of Facial Should You Choose?

When faced with choosing the right facial, most of us would usually just pick from a menu provided by our favorite medical spa. We must bear in mind though that while all facials bring great results, they are not created equal. Some are better than others while some are more applicable on certain times of the year and on certain times of the month. So which should you choose? The short answer is, it all depends on what your skin needs at the moment.

Skincare blogs would usually categorize people into different skin types – oily, dry, normal, and the like. Even if this is fairly accurate, this can drastically change or so most of us think.

How Your Skin Type Can Turn From Oily to Dry

If you’ve had oily skin for as long as you remember, it can be quite surprising when your skin suddenly becomes dry. Getting into the combination skin category or going from oily to dry altogether means having to change the moisturizer you use and the facial you choose when you go to the spa. The question is, can a person’s skin type change?

Experts say that your skin type stays the same. It’s what you are born with. It must be noted that while dryness is normal as we age, there is a big difference between your skin type and how your skin is behaving at the moment.

How does your skin go from oily to dry then or vice versa? There are several external and internal factors that affect how your skin reacts.

The Climate

Seasonal changes are amazing. We get to enjoy the sun during summer and enjoy the chill during winter. When seasons change, the skin also makes certain adjustments. For people with dry skin, going to a place where it is really dry may mean having to rely on heavier moisturizers. For those with oily skin in a place that is rather humid, it can mean having oilier skin.

Pollutants, Allergens, and UV Exposure

Other external factors exist too. You’ve got UV rays, free radicals, and pollutants. Sometimes, there is even a need to deal with allergens.

Your Hormones

Your hormones play very important roles but sometimes, too much or too little of them can affect how your skin behaves. Pregnancy, menstruation, discontinuation of birth control pill use, and menopause are some of the events in most women’s lives that can cause hormone levels to fluctuate. When this happens, the skin can become oily or dry or a combination of both.

Meds and Topical Treatments

You probably use a number of products to make your skin look better. While some are very effective others can cause irritation and allergic reactions. Certain types of medication can also have adverse effects on the skin. Others, on the other hand, are great for the skin.

Food and Lifestyle

Your lifestyle choices can affect your skin. The food you eat can also make your skin look better or look much worse than before. This is the reason why you should eat healthy food and get regular exercise.

The Right Facial for You

There is a facial treatment for every skin type. On your next visit, don’t hesitate to tell our friendly personnel what your skin is suffering from. We’d be happy to help.

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